Covid-19 Update

5th July 2020 Update

In light of the current Covid-19 situation, we have made various changes at Swallowdale to hopefully reassure our guests and help keep everyone safe.

We need to change the check-in time to 4 pm to allow for all the extra work involved in disinfecting and cleaning the property and contents. Please don’t arrive before this time. If we finish cleaning earlier, we will text you to let you know the property is ready for you. Check-out will remain the same at 10 am. We would be very grateful if you could text us on 07732 013344 when you leave the property or beforehand, if you plan on leaving early.

We have to remove all magazines, games, and brochures from the property. Books and DVD’s have been split into 2 lots. On every changeover they will be removed from the property and stored untouched for 7 days, making sure they are clean for the next guests.

We now have 2 copies of our welcome folder which will be stored for 7 days untouched and will be rotated on every changeover. The appliance instruction folder has had to be removed from the property. If at any time you need help operating anything, please call me on 07732 013344.

We have to remove all condiments that we normally supply. We will instead be supplying tea bags, coffee, salt, vinegar, cooking oil and sugar. These will be unopened and in a sealed plastic box left on the table, which has been sealed for 7 days. Also in the box will be toilet rolls and a kitchen roll. On check-out could you please either take any used/unused items with you or throw them away in the bin. Kitchen foil/cling film will be stored untouched for 7 days and changed each changeover.

Carpets will be sprayed with virucidal disinfectant mist. All curtains, blinds and the sofa now have to be steamed between changeovers, Therefore on arrival, these may still be slightly damp. We will try and do this as soon as possible to allow as much time for them to dry before you arrive.

We will continue to supply all towels and linen etc. Please be assured they will all have been washed at a minimum of 60 degrees and will be used at the very least in a 7-day rotation. If you wish to bring your own towels/bed linen please let me know in advance of your holiday.

If you do not require the twin bedroom beds to be made up, we would appreciate it if you could let us know before your holiday. Otherwise, they will be made up for you.

Please DO NOT strip beds before you leave. We have to bag up all linen, duvets, pillows, towels and cushions and remove them from the property for cleaning. These will all be changed on every changeover. Spare ‘different tog rating’ duvets that we normally leave can no longer be left. A blanket will be left in the wardrobe and changed every changeover.

We have to clean, (in the dishwasher) all pots, pans, plates, bowls, glasses, cups, cutlery and kitchen utensils on every changeover. This will take a lot of time, therefore we have reduced the quantities of these items in the property. For example, instead of 4 frying pans, there will only be 2. We will leave additional dishwasher tablets and washing up liquid for you in case you want to clean anything before you use it.

There will be a cleaning/changeover checklist on the door inside the tall kitchen cupboard, which we would have completed prior to your stay, to ensure we haven’t inadvertently missed anything.

If you suspect you have any Covid-19 symptoms during your holiday, you must get tested. If tested positive you must leave Swallowdale and go home. Please call us to let us know if you have been tested positive during your stay.

4th July 2020 Update

The Government has today allowed all self-catering holiday homes to reopen. Only our standard terms & conditions will now apply to all holidays booked on our website.

23rd March 2020 Update

During the Government lockdown, the following terms will apply in addition to our standard terms and conditions. After the lockdown has been lifted by the Government our standard terms and conditions will apply.

Any holiday booked directly on our website at Swallowdale Holiday Home that is affected by the Covid-19 Government lockdown, can either be moved to another date in the future or a full refund will be issued.

If a holiday date is moved the difference in price will either be refunded or will have to be paid.

We are asking customers NOT to pay their balance until the Government lockdown has been lifted. We will contact you nearer the time of your holiday when we know if it can go ahead.

By not paying your balance by the due date, we guarantee this will not affect you receiving a full refund of your deposit if the country is in lockdown.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.