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Dancing on the decking at Swallowdale Holiday Home

Swans are very often seen on the River Yare at Swallowdale.

It is not uncommon for swans to fly at low altitudes, especially when they are migrating or searching for food.

A starling murmuration is a phenomenon that occurs when a large flock of starlings fly together in a coordinated, fluid way, often forming intricate patterns and shapes in the sky. This behavior is thought to be a form of communication and protection, as the birds can move together as a group to avoid predators and find food. The movements of a murmuration are often described as graceful and mesmerizing, and many people find them captivating to watch.

This starling murmuration was seen at Swallowdale Holiday Home, late afternoon on a cold December day.

Herons are very common on the Norfolk Broads.

You will often see Herons sitting at the waters edge at Swallowdale, waiting for their next feed to come along and then swiftly dive in and pick the fish up with their sharp beak.