Norfolk Broads Holidays

Norfolk Broads holidays are an ideal holiday for everyone. This is because they are located in a beautiful part of the country, close to the seaside. You can enjoy a variety of activities, from boating and fishing to sightseeing and even relaxing on the beach.

The Norfolk Broads is a stunning stretch of countryside, home to many towns, popular villages, and of course the city of Norwich. It has everything to offer its visitors, from family fun, retreats, and adventure. What strikes me about this hidden gem is the vast stretch of rich wildlife and scenery, woven throughout both the towns and the coast. The broads themselves are its crowning feature. The broads network of rivers provides a perfect place for all visitors. Offering activities from bird watching to kayaking, or acting as the ideal place to unwind away from the bustling everyday life within the city.

What makes this such a unique location, aside from the broads, is the variety of Norfolk Broads holidays it has to offer. The east side coast is nearby with attractions such as ‘Pleasure Beach’, filled with rides for the family, as well the stunning secret beaches being just what you need for a peaceful retreat. The ‘Africa alive!’ Zoo and ‘Dinosaur Adventure Park’ are popular with families, and provide a great day out between exploring the broads, trips to the beach and the many cycling routes enjoyed by visitors and locals scattered through the grasslands.

If you’re aiming for more adventure, boating holidays, in particular, have proven to be a popular activity for many visitors. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, there are many boating services offered over the broads and along the coast, alongside paddle-boarding and canoeing.

For those searching for beautiful scenes, the Bure Valley Railway is a great way to observe all the countryside the town has to offer. Many national parks such, as Whitlingham country park allow you to explore at any pace, you’d like.

The Norfolk Broads has also become a popular place for cycling holidays. Home to the 25-mile track-bed named ‘Marriotts way’, which, is also used for hiking and horse riding. The location is also great for bringing your dogs! With plenty of pretty countryside trails for dog walks and open spaces such as the beach for them to play. You can enjoy yourself even without having to worry about finding a place for them on your holiday.

The charming town of Woodbastwick is the perfect location for a retreat. With picturesque cottages and a medieval thatched church, it has, for good reason, won the best-kept village award twice. The area is also home to an extensive history which, in some villages, can be traced back to Tudor times, such as in the market town of Acle.

Holidays On The Norfolk Broads

Often referred to as the ‘capital’ of the Broads, Wroxham is home to ‘the world's largest village store'. With a variety of homely pubs and restaurants popular with the locals. St Benet’s Abbey with its round towers is one of the many historic landmarks and buildings and is only a glimpse into the history of the community of the broads which, can be explored in the local towns.

Another well-known feature of this landscape is the many windmills decorating the broads. With 75 of the 240 mills that existed, in the 18th century, still standing. A few are still open to the public, such as Horsey Mills.

The broads are also home to a rich variety of English wildlife, due to the vast variety of habitats it creates. With 25 species of freshwater fish thriving alongside otters, herons, and the rare swallowtail butterfly, making it a great place to spot such creatures in their natural habitat.

The wonderful Norfolk Broads serves as the perfect place for visitors to relax and enjoy themselves. The Broads offer a wild variety of activities and adventures to complement its stunning countryside backdrop and breathtaking landscapes. The broads are a unique treasure that can only be found in this thriving rural community and are well worth a visit at any time of the year!

Norfolk Broads Holiday Cottages

The beautiful village of Brundall has many Norfolk Broads holiday cottages, such as Swallowdale Holiday Home. Positioned right on the River Yare, where you can enjoy some good course fishing straight off the decking or relax with a glass of wine, watching the wildlife, views and the boats sail by. Self-catering holidays on the Norfolk Broads can't get any better than this.


In conclusion, the Norfolk Broads offer a stunning location for visitors to enjoy a wide variety of activities and experiences. Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or sightseeing, there is something for everyone in this hidden gem of the English countryside. From boating and fishing to cycling and hiking, visitors can immerse themselves in the breathtaking landscapes and rich wildlife that the broads have to offer. With picturesque villages, historic landmarks, and a range of holiday cottages, the Norfolk Broads are a unique treasure that should be on everyone's travel list. So, if you're looking for a perfect holiday destination, consider visiting the Norfolk Broads and experience the natural beauty and adventure that this wonderful location has to offer.